Monday, October 09, 2006

anniversary of che guevara's death

oct 9, 2006

i believe it's 40 years to the day since che guevara was executed in bolivia. i was wondering whether it would be cruel to say "good riddance to bad rubbish", but then belittling other people's heroes or icons is a lot of fun, isn't it? just ask that crude fascist ev periyar ramaswamy naicker.

talk of a guy who has been turned into an icon that bears practically no resemblance to the original! those of you who read my old column about the saint business may remember the 'beatified kochappi' in fiction as an unlikely icon; similarly with old man gandhi too.

che is so chic these days, especially with all those 'secular' 'progressive' buffoons playing at urban guerilla.

india's shibboleths including gandhi and the dynasty and all those old fogeys lording it over delhi deserve to be tossed in the garbage bin of history. they -- in particular the dynasty -- have long since outlived whatever little value they may once have had.

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