Sunday, October 08, 2006

NPR reporting terrorism in India like Al Jazeera

oct 8th, 2006

thanks to reader C for this strong message to NPR.

yes, your hard-earned and contributed dollars at work.

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From: C

Dear NPR reporters,
I was driving to work when I heard this report this morning by Phillip Reeves on the mumbai blasts of 1993. I was hoping the coverage was going to be objective. But it turned out to be really pathetic. Your news station displayed extreme insensitivity toward the victims of the Blasts both in 1993 and also earlier this year.
The coverage of the issue I am talking about can be listened to at:
The coverage in your station reminded me of an article writted by B. Raman early this year. I suggest you read the article at:
It appears to me the same reasons why the US dismisses terrorism in India are the very same reasons why you would cover the blasts like you did in your programme.
Another thing I would like to point out is the fact that the two people interviewed in the programme, Teesta setalvaad and Mahesh Bhatt, are well know haters of India and traditional Indian culture. Their words carry no meaning to a majority of Indians. Furthermore, Mahesh Bhatt has been known to have close connections with the Mumbai underworld, which was itself instrumental in organizing the terrorist attacks in 1993 and also possibly the blasts this year.
To give you an idea of Mahesh Bhatt's involvement with the underworld mafia of Mumbai, please visit:
Bhatt is accused of being an accomplice of Dawood Ibrahim, who is the prime suspect of the 1993 blasts. And that you consider him fit to comment on this issue makes me feel there really is no difference between newsstations like NPR and Al Jazeera.


chitrakut said...

Thanks for putting this on your Blog, Rajeev

virat0 said...

My sincere thanks to the person who took his time to inform the NPR about their bias. The NPR, which was supposed to be butral is now interviewing Mahesh Bhatt and Teesta . Do they give supply alcohol and ladies to the reporters or what ?