Friday, October 20, 2006

precisely the right order

oct 20th, 2006

this is the right order to get a bunch of the FOIL types thrown in jail as enemy aliens. maybe they will bring back the concentration camps where they interned japanese-americans during world war II.

the FOIL types are non-citizens acting against the interests of the US.

will you, iamdemocracy, who whines so loudly and often about others not doing whatever you want them to do, kindly take this opportunity to spearhead exposing the FOIL thugs to the tender mercies of the US government? if not, i dont want to hear another peep from you.


Ghost Writer said...

It is to comment on such a tendency of the NYT-type liberals that Daniel Pipes writes an interesting article

Actually this lesson applies to India and more specifically to the Hindus than any other community in the world. Should we work to create a press that portrays us as being in a 'forever imperiled, emergency-always-on' state? In recent history it took a Kargil war for the nation to come together - should we be in an 'forever Kargil' mode?

iamfordemocracy said...

Rajeev, presumably, you are a US citizen. You seem to like this new law (it applies only to non-US citizens), however, don't complain later if it is used to target Hindus. After all, Modi is one of the few persons US refused a visa. Mushrraf (and presumably bin Laden, too, are welcome in US). Don't forget that. Don't also forget the Bush-Musharraf collusion you wrote about earlier. All said and done, US is more dictatorial than democratic, and certainly, US supports more dictators elsewhere than it supports democracies.

Also, I notice that you do not like my postings. I will acceed to your wishes. This is a Diwali day and the New Year will start tomorrow. Let me pledge that I will not post comments on this blog for another year, till next Diwali. Wish you and all the readers of this blog, and all Hindus and Hindu sympathisers a very happy diwali and new year. I hope the coming year brings more light and more justice to Hindus all over the world.