Saturday, October 21, 2006

great business model to make solar energy work

oct 20th, 2006

this is a great idea. solar without the capital investment bothering the end user.

where are all the private equity types looking for a steady revenue model? i think people like the big real estate types in india should also look into this. for instance, why not offer to provide, say, wipro, with solar power in their bangalore campus, which would enable them to even phase out their generators to some extent considering that bangalore has a lot of sunny days? the economics of this will improve steadily over the next few years as the volume effects kick in.


san said...

China Stealing Our Water

Well, at least it will teach Bangla a lesson for being China's pawn. We all know how China treats its pawns.

AGworld said...

No need to be a bleeding heart for Bangladesh -- the impact of this will be quite dire for india as well.

Of course, man-moron singh and his commie buddies still think china is a good friend of india "Hindi chini bhai bhai" -- as long as the chini have the water.

san said...

I wonder what CPI(M) in W.Bengal will do when they experience the effects of China's water-theft? They'll probably try to hide the fact of it by loudly demanding that the Centre provide them with water by diverting it from other parts of the country.