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some home truths from the RSS

oct 18th, 2006

reasonable comments and observations from the rss

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Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh


Nivedita Siksha Sadan, Mahmoorganj, Kashi

Kartik krishna 7-9, Yugabda 5108 (13-15 Oct., 2006)

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Resolution No.1

Terrorism and Internal Security of Bharat

      The Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (ABKM) deplores the wooly and vacillating attitude of the Union Government towards the growing menace of terrorism and demands that it should abandon the politics of appeasement and take immediate steps towards strengthening our national security without further delay.

      The Karyakari Mandal is of the view that only because of this attitude of the Government at the Centre, the terrorists and their apologists are having a field day. A recent glaring example is the attempts to secure clemency for the dreaded terrorist Md. Afzal, who was the mastermind behind the conspiracy to attack our Parliament with a view to wiping out the entire political leadership of our country. It is unfortunate that leaders of some political parties as also the Chief Ministers of J&K and Andhra Pradesh etc are vying with each other to save an anti-national hardcore criminal for their immediate political ends forgetting the fact that many of them are alive today because of the sacrifices of brave policemen including a police woman while fighting the conspiracy of that very same criminal.

      It is in the fitness of the things that the Supreme Court has categorically stated in its recent judgment that considerations of caste, religion and political loyalties are irrelevant and fraught with discrimination in granting clemency.

      The Karyakari Mandal warns that protecting such criminals who do not deserve any clemency for the heinous act that they perpetrated against our Motherland will set a very bad precedent and prove very costly for our country in the future.

      The Karyakari Mandal urges our hon'ble President to remember the sacrifices of those brave policemen and let the punishment be executed as per the decision of the judiciary including the Supreme Court without any delay thereby sending a strong message that Bharat is no longer a Soft State towards terrorism.

      The Karyakari Mandal condemns the direct or discreet support lent by some leaders and parties to the terrorists thus severely crippling the campaign against terrorism. While the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh is busy issuing certificates of patriotism to the hardened terror outfits like SIMI, leader of the Congress party in Uttar Pradesh is busy arguing the case of lifting the ban on SIMI in the Supreme Court. A Minister in the Andhra Pradesh cabinet found nothing wrong in visiting the house of a terrorist to console the family members immediately after his own Government's police arrested him.

      Left and Congress leaders have displayed their utter disregard for the national security by passing a unanimous resolution in the Kerala Assembly seeking parole for the dreaded terrorist and mass murderer Abdul Nazar Madani who masterminded the terror attack on a BJP rally in Coimbatore in 1998 through serial blasts that killed more than 60 innocent persons. Chief Ministers of Tamilnadu and Kerala  also showed undue interests in extending various facilities to this terrorist. The Karyakari Mandal is of the view that a large section of our political establishment has compromised with the terrorists and is singing the tunes set by them.

      That the Js Thomas P. Joseph Commission appointed by the Government of Kerala to look into the massacre of Hindus at Marad in 2003 came out with a report squarely blaming the Indian Union Muslim League for its direct complicity too reinforces this point only. The Karyakari Mandal demands that the IUML should immediately be shown the door out of the Union Cabinet.

      The Karyakari Mandal deplores the Havana Declaration that seeks to put the perpetrator of terrorism i.e. Pakistan and its victim i.e. Bharat on the same pedestal. The Karyakari Mandal deeply resents the na├»ve utterences of our Prime Minister like 'Pakistan is also a victim of terrorism', 'there is no alternative to dialogue' etc in his Havana address.

      It has been established time and again that the Inter Services Intelligence – intelligence wing of Pakistan - is behind many terrorist incidents in Bharat including the ones in Mumbai and Malegaon or the failed attack on the RSS HQ at Nagpur. But we always met with denials by that country. The Karyakari Mandal is of the considered opinion that time has come for us to stop supplying evidence and start acting swiftly and strongly to teach a lesson to Pakistan.

      Equally grave is the fact that many Bangladeshis are being found among the arrested terrorists. The Karyakari Mandal also wants to draw the attention of the nation to a significant development largely ignored, that the homegrown terrorism has gained momentum in last few years. Facilities to train, equip and financially and logistically support Islamic terrorism are available within the country now. Reports suggest that some of the Madarasas have become breeding grounds of Islamic terrorism.

      The Karyakari Mandal also wants to highlight the fact that the menace of the Maoist terrorism is acquiring alarming proportions with more than 150 districts under its grip and the Maoists securing sophisticated weapons like rocket launchers etc. They receive monitory and logistic support from agencies within and without that include some Christian Churches as well. Many political parties enter into secret understanding with these terrorists in order to gain electoral advantages from time to time thus granting legitimacy to them. Disturbing is the news of the newly created M-I Axis – the Maoist-Islamist Axis. The Karyakari Mandal is categorical that the Naxalite terrorism is a war against our nation and its democratic institutions and whoever joins hands with them should be considered anti-national.

      Terrorism is taking its toll in the North-East for several years now. The attack on the ISKCON temple in Imphal on the Janmashtami day is the latest proof of the anti-Hindu face of these terrorists.

      The Karyakari Mandal wants to place the following suggestions before the Central Government in its fight against terrorism:

    1. Legal instruments on the lines of POTA should be immediately brought in to combat terrorism effectively.
    2. Proper institutional framework should be developed at the Union level to coordinate and exclusively deal with the anti-terror activities in the country.
    3. State-of-the-art training and equipment should be made available to our security agencies that are engaged in fighting Islamic and Maoist terrorism.
    4. States that are fighting against Islamic and Maoist terrorism should be provided with necessary logistical, strategic and institutional support.
    5. Media should be used effectively for a global campaign against terrorism.
    6. Act sternly against forces like Leftist front organizations and pseudo-Human Rights groups that extend open or clandestine support to terrorism. Also ensure that such forces do not get any State support.
    7. Prevent the fight against terrorism from being made a victim of the politics of religion and secularism as was attempted unsuccessfully by the Communists and anti-Hindu media during the Malegaon incidents. Efforts were made by these anti-national elements to put the blame for the Malegaon bomb blasts on Hindu organizations thus trying to protect terrorists. It was well-known from the beginning that the Malegaon incidents are also a part of the Islamic Jehad only.

      The Karyakari Mandal calls upon the countrymen to rise in honour of those of our brethren, security personnel and leaders who have sacrificed their lives fighting terrorism and protecting the dignity and honour of our country by vociferously opposing and demolishing the attempts of the elements that are trying to protect these dreaded terrorists.


Resolution No.2

      Opposition to Attacks on Centres of Hindu Reverence


      Akhil Bharateeya Karyakari Mandal considers the attempt to defile and bring the Hindu centres of veneration into controversy as a dangerous trait in our national life. Temples are traditionally the cultural centres and unifying force of Hindu Society. The decorum of these centres is being violated these days and the non-Bhartiya religions are getting foothold for their proselytizing activities, which is highly condemnable. The objectionable presentation of Hindu gods and goddesses, instigations against Hindu religious festivals and programs, arrests and subsequent harassments of Hindu religious leaders are glaring examples of attacks, atrocities and insult meted out to the Hindu society.

      Tirumala Tirupati is an ancient and holy place of pilgrimage. The attack of Christian missionaries on it by means of the proselytizing activities and the succumbing of government machinery to their machinations reveal the hollowness of our political and bureaucratic system. The ABKM supports the fierce protest by the Hindu devotees of Balaji against these reprehensible activities.

      Our cultural and religious life has been full of diverse traditions. Respect for these traditional decorum has been a part of our integral life for centuries. The tendency to make them controversial and insulting our centres of veneration due to West-influenced mentality should be rebutted. The ABKM while respecting the decorum of religious centres, has been welcoming the timely changes and so does presently also. However, only the devotees and trustees of the concerned places of veneration have the authority to bring reforms, and it is not in the domain of secularists of Western mindset.

      The ABKM is a supporter of the autonomy of religious places and traditions. The acquisition of Muth-Mandirs and government interference in pilgrimage centres should be stopped.   

      The ABKM rejects the concept of development, which denigrates the sanctity, and historical tradition of our cultural and religious centres.  Any attempt to create a hurdle through blockades in the serene and perennial flow of revered Ganga and tampering with the precious eco-balance of the holy Himalaya are the risks we can ill afford in the name of western development models.  Likewise, the authorities should change the tendency to play with the sanctity of pilgrimages in the name of tourism development. 

      The only aim of the perverted non-Bharatiya thinking of the leftist intellectuals is to insult Hindu sentiments. They abhor every fact, which reflects the ancient glory of Bharat. These leftists start hurting national i.e. Hindu reverences on every occasion, be it the rejuvenation of river Sarasvati or the fact of 'Setubandh Rameshwaram' being scientifically proved. The ABKM strongly denounces such attempts and appeals the nationalist intellectuals to come forward and retort them in every field.

      The ABKM considers the numerous revered centres and places of pilgrimages as the living heritage of our national life stream, and appeals the society in general and Swayamsevaks in particular, to remain ever vigilant and be ready to struggle against every attempt of assaulting Hindu sentiments. q


Resolution No.3

Temple Construction on Shri Ram Janmabhumi

      The Akhil Bharateeya Karyakari Mandal strongly supports the spirit of the resolution 'Shri Ram Janmabhumi, Ayodhya' passed by the Kendriya Margadarshak Mandal of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad in its meeting held in New Delhi on 16-17 September, 2006.

      Crores of Hindus from all cities and 275000 villages across Bharat, and also from abroad had expressed their firm determination with unprecedented zeal and solidarity in 1989 to construct the Shri Ram Janmabhumi Mandir proposed by Shri Ram Janmabhumi Nyas on the same site where Shri Ram Lala is graciously seated today.  The model of the proposed Shri Ram Mandir also has reached all the houses in all those cities, villages and abroad.  The Hindus are sentimentally attached to this model.  It is the firm opinion of ABKM that these sentiments must be honoured and the construction of Shri Ram Mandir begin at the earliest under the auspices of Shri Ram Janmabhumi Nyas, as per the proposed model as also using the stones carved out specially for this purpose with the help of money collected from common people by the Nyas.

      The ABKM calls upon the Hindus to maintain their solidarity and remain determined to achieve its goal of Shri Ram Mandir construction under the leadership of saints disregarding the attempts to create confusion. q




iamfordemocracy said...

Is there anything new in this? Are the aggressive sects going to stop converting just because RSS passed some resolutions? Really, what RSS needs to do is to find out newer ways of means to fight this growing conversion movement. Who else in the world is on our side? How does a common man (in India or abroad) stand to lose because of this evengelism? Just to give one example, many Europeans simply hate the idea of religious zealots meddling with their lives, leave alone controlling it. Could they be your partners in fighting conversions? is RSS doing anything to tap liberal and secular opinion all over the world? Or is it anathema to RSS ideology?

in short, is their any hope for a better and liberal India or should we give up and should each individual go his own way and forget about being able to remain a Hindu with dignity whereever he is?

AGworld said...


Pertinent questions -- raise many difficult to answer questions

1. Does the average sanatan veda dharmi on the street even BELIEVE that his way of life is udner siege? I fear we've become so inured to the rising heat that we're about to be boiled but dont know it (like the frog on slow boil). Im not sure most of veda dharma samaj is even aware its under siege. So the need for corrective action does not arise.

2. Have the divide and rule wallahs turned the diversity of sanatan veda dharma into its fatal flaw -- dismemberment by subdivisions. So the marathi votes for marathi, gujarati votes for gujarathi, backward votes for mayawati, brahmin votes for congress.
No one votes for sanatan dharma (i want to do away with the nonsensical term 'Hindu').

This, along with dhimmification has damaged our ability to respond.

3. To stop the subversion of veda dharma do we need foreigners? When weve been incapable of waking up our own (most sanatan dharmis are on the side of crooks like afza guru!!) what hope do we have with the others?

The long-term survival of veda dharma is in peril and may not survive this lethal coming together of forces.

chittoor.S.Murugeshan said...

I was an ordinary youth before 1986. Only with the help of Sri.Hanuman I was able to draft a fin,e plan to reestablish Ramrajya in, In,dia

A noted Rajayogi of Andhra Pradesh, south In,dia had wrote a devin,e book on palm leaves. It is Kalagnan (knowledge about Time) . It says that only 1/7 th of the world will survive after 1009 March. The fore castin,gs in, that book were came true in, past. Yet I work /advocate for the HARDY BODY-WIN,DY MIN,D-HOLY SOUL
I am just 40 years .Male/Asian /In,dian/Tami lion/residin,g at AP/Chittoor. From 1986 I am thin,kin,g about a new world in, which all the people will be with hardy body-win,dy min,d-holy soul. To achieve it at world level USA has to stop all of its production of weapons, provokin,g wars , in,trudin,g in, the local issues of world countries. To realize my ambition I had drafted a fin,e plan to resolve all the problems of In,dia by which the government can gear up for hardy body-win,dy min,d-holy soul. I had named it Operation In,dia 2000. The main, goal of the plan is to make In,dia prosperous. Why because poverty is the main, cause for many problems in, In,dia .

For the prosperity of In,dia it must employ all of its stuff in, agricultural production. As In,dia is very suitable country for agricultural sector and already 70% of the population is dependin,g upon agriculture. The main, challenge to agriculture is floods in, north and drought in, south. So I had concluded that the In,dian rivers must be lin,ked first. There are 10 crore unemployed youth bein,g wastin,g their energy in, masturbation, sex, homo sex ,eve teasin,g crimes, terrorism ,politics and all. So I had thought to use the stuff in, youth in, lin,kin,g In,dian rivers. So that I had recommended in, my plan to form a special army with 10 crore unemployed youth to lin,k all In,dian rivers.

Already there are 1000s of land lords rulin,g villages and runnin,g parallel governments. If rivers are lin,ked they will become more prosperous and become the local dons. So to balance the distribution of the factors of production among two classes and to give an opportunity to the weaker section to take active part in, production and share in, national in,come I had suggested the In,dian government to undertake all agricultural lands. As there is no economical resources the government can issue compensation in, shape of bonds payable in, double after five years. Then the government has to implement co-operative farmin,g. The farmers/land lords all must become the members of Local Agriculturists unions and under take farmin,g with the co-operation and supervision of the state and central governments.

The cooperative farmin,g will enable the society to have latest technologies, crop-in,surances, world wide marketin,g etc. But before it the black money prevailin,g in, the country must be rooted out . For this I had suggested the government to ban present currency and in,troduce new one. The people who have old currency can be in,structed to have the new by handover old currencies with documents showin,g that they are out of illegal in,comes.

To implement all the above revolutionary changes there must be a stable government and an admin,istrated entitled with full powers. For this I had suggested presidential form of government. To implement all these economical resources are vital. To mobilize resources I had enclosed Economy packages 1,2,3,4,( to enable the state governments to improve their revenue with out exploitin,g the public and to min,imize their admin,istrative expenditure) Tirumala vision 1900( to enable the admin,istrative bodies in, pilgrim me centers to min,imize their admn expenditure and to improve their revenue with out disturbin,g the sentiments of devotees) A special package for Government transport corporations etc.

I had suggested to handover Kashmir under the control of In,dia to UNO and to pressure Pak also to hand over pak occupied Kashmir to UNO. By this In,dia can divert funds from defense budge to the project of Lin,kin,g In,dian rivers. I had also suggest do try the same formula with chin,a also. By this In,dia will become prosperous and it can gear up for the hardy body-win,dy min,d-holy soul of In,dians.

For the communication and implementation of the above plan I am workin,g hard from November of 1997 itself. I am approachin,g the Speaker of loksabha to communicate my plan to all MPs. I had sent 200 copies of my plan and requested him to arrange for the distribution of my plan papers to MPs. But in,vain,. At last I had sent Rs.50/- towards postage to return plan papers through postal order and requested to return the plan and enable me to disburse them in, person . Yet they hadn’t returned.

In, the same way I was communicatin,g my plan to the CM s of Tamil Nadu and Andhra. The CM of AP N.Chandrababu naidu had wrote a letter and promised for the appropriate usage of my *suggestions. But the present CM of State hadn’t responded in, spite of 1000s of remin,ders/10 days hunger strike etc.

Recently I had complain,ed to State In,formation commission (10th of July 2006)..I thin,k it may deliver its judgment with in, days.

I had mailed my plan to each and every MP of Loksabha and Rajyasabha and also to the all CMs of In,dian states. But only one MP Sri Suresh prabhu MP of Rajapur constituency(shivsena) of Maharashtra and the government of kerala had responded in, favour.

Even the in,tellectuals and also the ordin,ary people also neglectin,g my action plan. Still I am confidant that on a day or another my plan will be applied and In,dia will become prosperous. Then only all In,dians can attain, hardy body-win,dy min,d-holy soul.

Convey your opin,ion and criticism to: