Monday, October 09, 2006

on the musharraf star-turn

oct 9th, 2006

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Ghost Writer said...

A good assessment of the General's real i.e. dismal commitment to the phoney 'War on Terror' can be found here
The General's domestic compulsions i.e. unbridled greed and lust for power, described very well by Steve Coll here. Overall, Pakistan is headed for either Bhutto (unlikely) or chaos (likely), or eventual balkanisation (most likely). A splintered Pakistan solves most problems in the region for e.g. the need to energy-link India with Iran and Central Asia, the Pakhtun question, the Baloch crisis, Kashmir, opium production and drug trafficking - need I go on? okay - Talibanisation of Pakistani society, splintering of the Wahhabi block that has come to define Islamic-terror, nuclear proliferation, etc. etc.

Madhwa said...

I read you piece on Raja Rao at your other blog site! It is a good tribute to a genius!

Among many of Raja Rao's works, "The serpent and the Rope" stands out for Raja Rao's shining intellectual capability! The novel is kind of autobiographical. It advocates Advaitha philosophy as the one that explains the Brahman, the universe. Eventhough he chides Madhwa, the proponent of Dwaitha philosophy and, hence, diametrically opposed to Advaitha, it almost pretty much convinced me into believing in Advaitha though I am a realist and believe in Madhwa's logical, real world(Jagan Sathya!) ;-)

BTW, you failed even once to mention that Raja Rao is a kannadiga ;-) I have seen you going gaga over anyone remotely related to Kerala. This is so even with Raja Rao I believe :-)(Trivandrum's connection). Raja Rao is one Indian English writer who was proud of making known to the world his mother tongue! Even "The Serpent and the Rope" has Rama singing lullabies in Kannada.