Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Saudi Website Set Up to Support Convicted Rapist and Thief Homaidan

oct 10th, 2006

the saudis are very bothered that their 'student' in america has been jailed for raping his maid, locking her up, and stealing her wages.

my heart bleeds for homaidan. think of his beard. think of the angels who were hanging on to his beard hairs. what happened to them when his beard was shaved off by those horrid yanks? i mean this is such a violation of his religious rights!

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Friday, 6, October, 2006 (14, Ramadhan, 1427)

Website Set Up to Support Homaidan
Lulwa Shalhoub, Arab News —
JEDDAH, 6 October 2006 — Some concerned citizens have formed a group to raise awareness about a case involving a Saudi national in the US who was convicted and sentenced in Colorado to 28 years in prison for maltreating his maid.
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In that meeting with a US official, the NSHR expressed concern about reports that while in custody Al-Turki, who had been in the US for over 10 years working on his doctoral degree in Arab linguistics at the University of Colorado, was forced to shave his beard while his wife, Sarah Khonaizan, had to remove her hijab.

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During the meeting in September, Al-Hajjar also urged US officials to respect Al-Turki's dietary regime during Ramadan.

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Al-Turki, 37, was found guilty in June by a court in Arapahoe County, Colorado, of 12 counts of forced sexual contact with his Indonesian maid, theft of the maid's wages that were never paid during her employment, and false imprisonment and conspiracy to imprison. The allegations came to light after federal agents arrested the maid for working under an expired visa. The Al-Turkis were also taken into custody.
The wife, Sarah, pleaded guilty in May to one charge of theft for non-payment of the maid's wages after prosecutors agreed to drop charges against her for kidnapping, false imprisonment and extortion. She was deported after the couple agreed to pay the maid $64,000 for four years of unpaid service.
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