Thursday, December 31, 2009

snappy answers to stupid questions: Putin stuns journalists into silence!

dec 31st, 2009

too bad there is nobody in india who can give a slap in the face answer to the ELM.

actually there is. NaMo. which is they hate him so much.

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From: Arvind K

A French journalist asks Putin if his fight against Mohammedan terrorists in Chechnya won't kill civilians. Check out Putin's response and the stunned silence of the journalists.


Jigish Parikh said...

OMG, He is unbelievable. Why not we invite him into India to speak on behalf of Manmohan (Oh wait, we have to ask Mrs. Gandhi about that first )

Varun said...

This was in 2002. Much water has flown under Volga since then and since his girlfriend happens to be a Muzzie...and let's see if he retains the same attitude now !

asd123 said...

That just appears to be a girl putin has on the side. That does not necessarily make putin or the woman religious, nor does that make putin fond of her faith. The Russians actually did a pretty good job of secularizing the central asian muslims, especially under the soviet union. Funny how america had to support their islamic theocratic friends in afghanistan against the secular government.