Sunday, January 17, 2010

tunku varadarajan: going muslim ...and gone?

I recently went to the Forbes columnists list and see that tunku varadarajan has been yanked from their opinion page

interesting also that his last column entitled 'going muslim' (was about the fort hood mohammedan jihadist) had raised the hackles of the usual 'politically correct' folks. did that get him yanked off the opinion pages? does anyone know - pity to see forbes to this route too.

not that I have any sympathy for Tunku - he was the inventor of the phrase "hindu taliban" - which renuka c lapped up after that pub-film incident. i guess tunku found out what the real - i.e. mohammedan - taliban actually do to people they dont like


Tunku said...

Do your homework, Rajeev. I have moved on to another publication, the Daily Beast. I was not "yanked." It's called "changing jobs."

Yrs, Tunku Varadarajan

nizhal yoddha said...

well, tunku, i didn't personally post that. this is a joint blog with several authors.

but i thought 'daily beast' was just a hobby. well, you must have good reasons to switch.