Thursday, January 28, 2010

Double speak by Leftist (JNU) - they don't want reservations in JNU

jan 28th, 2010

of course, JNU guys believe in "do as we say, not as we do". 

the quintessence of hypocrisy.

as far as caste goes, i have done a general study of top communists. they are all upper caste. they are horrified by lower castes -- they can be water-carriers and wood-hewers, but will never be given any position of authority.

the same applies to women comrades, although they don't necessarily want them to be water carriers, they are put to other use.

good example from kerala. the OBC ezhavas have always been the backbone of the communists. but whenever it came time to choose a chief minister, some upper caste person always got the nod. 

in particular, ideologue smt k r gowri, easily the smartest of the lot, was denied the chief-ministership on very flimsy grounds.

finally, fifty years after the first communist government in kerala, one ezhava became chief minister -- v s achuthanandan. and he has been hounded from day one and urged to resign, not by outsiders (who view him as a pretty good guy) but by the comrades themselves.

similarly, in bengal, the upper-castes bhadralok netas have had no regard for the lower-castes suffering in either bangladesh or west bengal. the mostly harijan hindu victims of mohammedan bigotry in both excite no crocodile tears amongst them. if you remember, a harijan communist was torched by communist comrades in west bengal in 2008 by being garlanded with a burning tyre, in front of his wife and children. this was not even commented on by the ELM and the JNU types.

the worst caste ists in india are a) the christists, and b) the communists. 

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From: Bharath
Date: Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 6:09 AM
Subject: Double speak by Leftist (JNU) - they don't want reservations in JNU

  I think somehow you might have missed this news item. JNU leftists don't want reservation in their university.  Typical leftist double speak.  Commies want it every where in India but not in their citadel
   Can you blog on this and give wide publicity? 
   Also if someone can do caste wise listing of CPM upper caste leaders (Sitaram Yechury - Brahmin, Prakash Karat- ?,  Buddhadev - Brahmin, Brinda - Kayastha?,  Biman Bose- ?) , it will show their true colours.

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Anonymous said...

On a separate topic, do you see coincidence between UPA government announcing that it is ordering $1B of fieldguns from US in no-bid situation and WH announcing that "the chosen one" will visit Indian in summer?
Spineless bastards in UPA just gave $1B to buy the visit in first term. God knows what else we'll give up when he actually goes there.