Friday, January 29, 2010

Russia's 5th-Gen Fighter takes to the skies

This is the Russian answer to the American F-22 Raptor. India is the only country Russia is partnering with in this program. We would see 250 of these magnificent birds in IAF colors over the next 30-40 years.


Harish said...

Thanks Kapidhwaja!!this is actually phenomenal news...I was expecting San to post this here :-)

I do not think it would take 30-40 years to see 250 of these awesome birds dorn the IAF colors.. it will be much sooner than that..

With 250 of these.. I A F's domination of the skies is is more than match for the JXXX-??? or wateva our friends in the east will come up with..

for me no other project with Russia gives me as much pride as this...

not to mention most articles mention this as a Russian Indian venture..dont mind some brand equity for India.. wat say :-)

Sameer said...

Yes, PAK-FA is an answer to American F-22.
This is a fine example of Indo-Russian defence friendship, other than Su-30 MKI and Brahmos.
More to go...

bly243001 said...

How real is this collaboration with India? Most of the Western press reports do not make any mention of this. If these are the planes India is getting, then what about these 125 fighter planes India is supposed buy in coming years, Is this on top of this?
How the US lobby is playing this?

Sameer said...

125 combat jets are different, the final decision is still to be taken... we are also inducting additional su-30 MKIs and LCA Tejas.
The fifth generation fighter aircraft is a Russian-Indian venture and is a longer term plan for India over and above the 125 MRCAs.

The western press might not have mentioned it or mentioned it in small print, but the director of Sukhoi specifically mentions India.