Sunday, January 17, 2010

why the use of skin-lightening creams is a bad idea

jan 17th, 2010

and this is one of the most-heavily-promoted categories of products on indian TV.

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exosing christianity's true agenda said...


Thank you for bringing awareness to this issue. I have been watching a lot more Indian TV and it is absolutely disgusting to see these snake oils peddled to our people. I don't in any way blame the sellers. I blame entirely the buyers for their stupidity, lack of self-image and low self esteem.

The Indian ads show a beautiful Indian woman who doesn't have a glamorous life and lacks friends and is stuck in her career. After using the magic "creams" this girl is suddenly popular, walking on a catwalk and grows a gold diamond necklace on her neck?!?!

Are we nuts?

I'm surprised Bobby Jindal hasn't gotten a advertising contract for Fair & Lovely.