Wednesday, January 20, 2010

rather reasonable analysis by economist intelligence unit

jan 20th, 2010

not written by our favorite, james "I love pakistanis and hate prickly indian nationalists" astill.

good that they mention that endemic corruption is a favorite sport among the UPA bigwigs.

EIU damns UPA with faint praise. Odd, no mention of raging inflation > 20%.

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Nani said...

Talking of Mr Astill..Read his assessment of Pakistan in world ion 2010.. I fell off from my chair when he opened the article with this gem
"By its recent chaotic standards, Pakistan had quite a good 2009"!!!
and now his prediction -" Without catastrophic violence—an important assassination or a terrorist attack in India—Pakistan will be messy, but stable after this fashion, in 2010."
Read on fun