Saturday, January 30, 2010

vanity, hypocricy and indolence: the roots of indian communism

a lot of authors (including professedly Hindu ones like Girilal Jain) blame Hindu nationalists for shoving an alien conception i.e. the nation state into tolerant indic traditions

that may be true - but what about the ideological opposite i.e. Indian communists?

the psychological roots of indian communism are nearly all negative. it was founded and sustained by privileged and indolent people - and so it has remained. if these people felt so much 'sympathy'* for the poor, would it not be better for them to work to change the economic base of the country? - as opposed to shout slogans and never put in an honest day's work

* - indian communist 'sympathy' is a terrible thing. it appears as sympathy - in reality it is vanity - a sort of self-congratulation. people celebrating their own comfort and excusing themselves of real responsibility of work


Arvind said...

Indian Communism is not based on any ideology. It is just an expression of their copycat syndrome. Indian Communists simply take claims made by Communists in the West and recirculate them in India.

Anonymous said...

>>>"It meant that these men surrendered their minds to the party. They allowed the party to do their thinking for them. If they had doubts they suppressed them. They refused to accept the many brutalities and horrors that communist regimes across the globe unleashed on the poor. They embraced communism, like many others across the world, as a new and secular religion with the party as god."

Controlling the minds of the masses is the purpose of all religions and all ideologies of western origin, be it christianity, islam, judaism, communism, capitalism, socialism or secularism.