Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Anti Hindu Professoriate: Dalrymple,Nanda,Thapar

jan 16th, 2010

there is the concept of the 'house nigger'. i would say these people are house niggers.

meera nanda is a typical JNU type, a two-bit person of low intellectual caliber. she just writes long-winded rants with all the intellectual depth of a doorknob.

william dalrymple is a slimy limey who is fattening himself on the mammaries of the nehruvian welfare state. i called ramachandra guha a 'bowel-movement historian', but it really is dalrymple who deserves it. (and let's not confuse the really brilliant theodore dalrymple with this poseur.) dalrymple is an honorary house nigger, him being white and all.

romila thapar is a total fraud. imagine, she's an 'expert' in ancient india, without knowing any of the classical languages: sanskrit, pali, or tamil. so she can only regurgitate what some missionary whites have put up in translation. i wonder who the bigger fraud is, thapar or rothschild-sen.

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From: Vijay Rajiva

The anti Hindu Professoriate: Dalrymple, Nanda, Thapar.

Dr. Vijaya Rajiva,

Friends and Colleagues,

What do these 3 academics have in common ? To begin with they are pseudo secularists (O happy phrase !). And they have a deep dislike/hatred of Hinduism which they try to disguise by pretending to be merely academics in pursuit of higher learning.

They are also united in their lack of familiarity with Hinduism and pass this off by presenting to the world that they 'know' popular Hinduism as opposed to 'Brahmanic' Hinduism (their own creation) and more recently Rama-fication, borrowed phrase word used by Dalrymple (whatever that might mean !).

In reality all three share a deep desire to attack the heart of Hinduism (its Vedic centre) and have tried to enlist the everyday Hindu in this ignominous enterprise.

The fact that everyday Hindus have rejected them and continue to worship their gods and goddesses is testimony to the ongoing reality of Hinduism, which, since its Vedic beginnings has a long history of worship among the peoples of India. This continues unabated to this day. Much to their chagrin Hinduism will not go away !

By now, the ruses are commonplace: we are not attacking Hinduism, we are attacking Hindu nationalism; this is all about rational inquiry; this about neo liberalism and the prevalence of poverty in India etc.

Eeerily reminiscent of Arundhati Roy who when asked why with all her concern about India's poverty, she continues to publish with multinationals (unlike Vandana Shiva, a true stalwart on behalf of the masses, who publishes with small town publishers), is reported to have airily replied: sometimes one has to compromise!

The target is always the same, the disguises many and quite creative.

William Dalrymple,British historian, author (The White Moghuls), traveller, who has travelled in India, doesn't get it. He claims that Devi worship is no longer popular in India. It is all the male gods, Rama and Krishna (Rama-fication).

What is the man talking about ? Hindus have been worshipping Rama and Krishna since time immemorial and have not waited for a certain Mr.D. to make his fine observations.

And if anything, Devi (Goddess) worship has only been increasing in India. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from east to west, the Devi is the object of fervent devotion and worship. Has been so since time immemorial.
Every village, every town and city has Devi temples where Hindus continue to worship.

Meera Nanda : academician at JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University ) still peddles an outdated philosophy of science ! The last of the Vienna Circle, Sir Karl Popper passed away in 1994, but not before significantly modifying earlier dogmas. No philospher of science today upholds the dogma that philosophy should be a handmaiden of science and nothing else. The great advances in the hard core sciences since 1923 (Vienna Circle) have made oversimplifications about scientific generalisations, outmoded and outdated.

Neverthless, armed with this orthodoxy and some Left theory thrown in for good measure, Nanda has attacked Hindu 'superstition' in previous works.

Her recent book is God capitalism: How Globalisation is Making India more Hindu.

Indeed, a tragedy from her perspective !

But what is the learned 'academician' talking about ? Hinduism has been around for as long as the Indian subcontinent's known history.

Not capitalism, but India becoming more Hindu is what troubles her. And what troubles many a sophisticated writer, some of whom even fondly predict that there will be a 'post Hindu' India ! Forget capitalism, that is not their real target.The inventor of this new 'post Hindu' India, is Kanchaiah Ilaiah, self professed champion of the Dalits, but himself a member of the OBC (Other Backward Castes). He is also a convert to Christianity and is reported to be associated with Christian Evangelical Groups
whose main aim is to hasten on the coming of post Hindu India !

Romila Thapar, dean of anti Hindu sentiment needs no intro.

Her work on Mohammed Ghazni's destruction and looting of the famed Somnatha temple in 1026 speaks for itself. In spite of all evidence (including contemporaneous accounts by Muslim writers applauding Ghazni for destroying the infidels!) she makes the astonishing argument that Ghazni was only (!) a conqueror as were all such invaders of India in the past. Her History of India has many significant omissions.

She has taken to sociological observations about 'Hindu' nationalism (ostensibly).

Dalrymple quotes her in his review of Nanda's book God Capitalism.

Why are these three, especially Dalrymple onto a false appraisal of the Hindu scene today ?

(Contd. . . in Special Feature 'The anti Hindu Professoriate: Dalrymple,Nanda,Thapar. Jan.14,2010 )


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Avner said...

Oh! then you have not heard of Vinay Lal. His entire course is available as podcast at UCLA site. I don't know much about the people you mentioned here, but after listening to his lectures, he seems to be anti-Hindu.

Arvind said...

Not many know Thapar's academic beliefs. This is what I have found about her. Please spread the word to as many people as you can. I am not making up the claims below. They are facts.


In her book, Romila Thapar claims that the excavations at Harappa prove that the Indus Valley civilization had an advanced central planning system! Sure, every structure is built according to some plan, but how does she jump to the conclusion that Harappa had SOVIET STYLE CENTRAL PLANNERS?

Here is how. In the Communist belief system described by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the history of EVERY single society consists of an IDENTICAL path consisting of FIVE STAGES, the earlier ones punctuated by CLASS WARS. Each stage is an ADVANCEMENT which benefits the people.

The first is PRIMITIVE SOCIALISM. Then there was a CLASS WAR at the end of which the second stage of FEUDALISM came about. Then there was a CLASS WAR. Then came CAPITALISM.

And guess what? The future history too has been divined by the Communists! After Capitalism, there will be yet another CLASS STRUGGLE and then there will be SOCIALISM followed by the final stage of WITHERING AWAY OF THE STATE and this stage will be COMMUNISM. Like the prophets in some religions, this FUTURE PARADISE will be brought about by the Communists themselves!

The above system had a minor irritant in it. How could one describe the Mohammedan rulers in India as feudalistic? Enter DD Kosambi, the father of Indian Marxists who fantasize and come up with their own versions of history. He broke down feudalism into two stages - first there was feudalism from above, then there was feudalism from below. So the Hindu rulers were feudalistic while the Muslim rulers were not really feudalistic!

Voila, back on track! So according to Thapar, when the British came to India, they actually did good for India by dismantling feudalism! How could it be otherwise? Remember that every stage is progress in one direction.

The negative part about the British according to her was that they were capitalistic. That is why Indian history textbooks pin the conquest of India on East India Company although they had nothing to do with capitalism or trade and were just pillaging representatives of the government in Britain and even imposed tax.

So, according to Romila Thapar, history is as follows (btw, the private joke among Communists in India is that Michael Witzel is a fool who will follow whatever version of history Romila Thapar comes up with and he will blindly support her; I know this for a fact and it was told to me by a leading JNU leftist professor):

First there was Indus Valley civilization = Primitive socialism

Then came the Aryan Invasion Theory = class

Then came caste system = Feudalism

Then came the Brits = Capitalism (remember East India Company?)

After a class war, there will be socialism once again!

Thapar's publications till the 1960s will show that she believed that socialism was at hand. When liberalization began, I am told that even the White leftists saw the idiocy of this framework and at one meeting in 1996 or 1997, Thapar became hysterical about liberalization and BJP coming to power. This had gone against her belief in the Marxist framework of history. Jyoti Basu was supposed to be the PM, not Vajpayee!

She had to be calmed down by the Whites who told her that Nehru was actually a capitalist and their framework was intact. The White leftists at the meeting quietly buried the earlier claims of Romila Thapar.

So this is what her version of history is about! You will also now understand why Marxist historians have to necessarily trash their own cultures no matter which country they are in.

Why do they believe in and follow this system? I'll save it for another time.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but, have you read this -

sands said...

I could not believe my eyes i saw NDTV they have blck screen in the background and all anchors are wearing black suits in the great memory of jyoti basu ohh my god thought that cant of spectacle was only reserved during the DD Era