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JNU guy behind himalayan-glaciers-melting-rapidly scam

jan 18th, 2010

and he got a padma vibhushan. and he got to be calicut univ VC (a post generally reserved only for mohammedans). and he is from JNU.

sounds suspiciously like a 'sarkari scientist', doesn't he?

JNU guy behind himalayan-glaciers-melting debacle by IPCC. typical JNU hand-waving, bad research.
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About Hasnain - please read last part:
Hope you cover this on Pioneer.
There is something going on involving Kashmir, Siachen, Glaciers etc. Desi commies are fully vested.
Hasnain was given a Padma Vibhushan under special category of "Glacier research" last year.

and from pundita's blog:
In 1999 Professor Syed Iqbal Hasnain may have been a little known-scientist. In March 2009, however, he was the recipient of the Government of India's Padmashree Award for his work on glaciers.

According to his Award profile, Professor Hasnian's credentials appear impressive. He is the sixth Chairman of the Consortium for Educational Communication Governing Board and a Senior Fellow with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), New Delhi.

Between October 2002 and October 2006 he was Vice Chancellor at the University of Calicut. Prior to that he was "Professor in Glaciology in the School of Environmental Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University. He was also at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai and Delft Technical University, Netherlands for his specialization. He spent many years researching Himalayan Glaciers and has gained international recognition for his work."

Hasnain chaired the "working group on Himalayan Glaciology within the International Commission on Snow and Ice between 1995 and 1999. He has served on the 'Hydrology 2000' working group set up by the International Association of Hydrological Science. Prof. Hasnain is also serving as a Member of the Governing Council of Indian Mountaineering Foundation and Chairing Scientific Committee of IMF which has prepared a roadmap of climate change studies in the high altitude Himalaya." Additionally, Hasnain "authored a book on Himalayan Glaciers: Hydrology and Hydrochemistry" and "published more than 40 papers in the international and national scientific journals."

Plus, Professor Hasnain is a "Visiting Professor to lecture on Himalayan Glaciers at the Universities of Nebraska at Omaha and University of Washington, Seattle."

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