Wednesday, January 20, 2010

stanford: THIS FRIDAY: Talk by Shiza Shahid

jan 20th, 2010

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Please review the upcoming event sponsored by the Center for South Asia:

The Center for South Asia presents:

 The Chai and Samosa Lecture Series



 Guest: Shiza Shahid

Shiza Shahid, currently a junior at Stanford University pursuing a degree in International Affairs. She grew up in Pakistan, and is deeply involved in civil society efforts to bring stability to the region. In the summer of 2009, horrified by the burning of over 200 girls' schools by the Taliban in the Swat Valley,  Shiza and a small of group activists arranged a summer-camp for a group of school-girls from the Swat Valley, enabling them to tell their stories to the world. In "Schools to Rubble" Shiza will discuss her understanding of the reasons for, and methods of, the Taliban's assault on education in the Swat Valley. She will to talk about her efforts to stop this assault, and narrate the remarkable stories that she heard from the school-girls of Swat Valley.

Schools to Rubble: Understanding the Taliban's Assault on Female Education in the Swat Valley

Friday, January 22

Talk at 3:30 PM

Location: Encina Hall West, Room 208


Refreshments will be served


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