Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the koreans are coming, armed with bibles. lock up your daughters!

jan 26th, 2010

economist: hallyu or hallelujah? south korean 'soft power' quite likely to be followed by church evangelism.


Inferno said...

I went out with a Taiwanese girl a few times - she used to talk a lot about Koreans and envied their confidence/arrogance; Korean restaurants were always her first choice. And like them, she and her sister converted to Christianity.

Vijay said...

This article rises worthwhile points:

Hallyu: The Diminishing Korean Wave?

Kerala said...

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nanda said...

the koreans make the best movies today. hope it rubs off a bit on some 'bollywood' idiots!

AGworld said...

korean women are very attractive... non sequitur