Thursday, January 28, 2010

solar powered Bibles to Haiti

jan 29th, 2010

exactly what starving haitians needed.

A. let's see: the bible said it's ok for whites to enslave blacks. so they did and brought a bunch of africans to haiti.

B. the bible said it's ok for the whites to embargo uppity slaves. so the whites embargoed haiti.

C. the bible said to go convert people. so white charlatans converted everybody in haiti.

D. the bible said.. well, somebody said, "let's kill off a lot of haitians with an earthquake".

E. now they bring the bible -- solar powered no less -- to go back to point A. 

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karyakarta92 said...

And Pat Robertson, the evangelical quoted from the christist Bible to state that the Haitians deserved the earthquake because they were "devil worshippers".
The Haitians need to crush these solar powered books of hate to pulp. Perhaps, if they had been regular hardcovers , they could have been put to some use in the absence of toilet paper.

Inferno said...

Different topic:
Roberto Calasso said the best translation of the Rig Veda was done by a German scholar and even that is not easily available as it was published a long time ago in the States.

Calasso, who is now looking forward to the Malayalam translation of his 1996 book `Ka`....

witan said...

One can always burn the bibles to get some energy.