Sunday, January 24, 2010

himalayan blunder by IPCC on anthropogenic global warming

jan 24th, 2010

it seems they confused 2035 and 2350 and made some unsubstantiated claims.

the IPCC is taking a lot of potshots these days.

the sad thing is that all these silly errors are blunting the general consensus about the effects of global warming.

update: oops, sorry about 'anthropomorphic', i meant 'anthropogenic'. i have trouble with these polysyllabic words.

Himalayan Blunder on AGW: glaciologists confuse 2035 and 2350. TERI, hasnain, pachauri, IPCC lose credibility.


Arvind said...

They were actually predicting the weather in 2350? Amazing!

indian_indian said...

Rajeev -- there is more than one unanswered question about so-called anthropogenic global warming. Consensus is not a highly valued concept in science -- people like Copernicus, Galileo, Heisenberg and Einstein all went against the prevailing scientific consensuses of the time. The big questions (from a National Review article by Kevin Williamson: relating to global warming are:
1. Is the planet getting warmer? [Probably true over the long run though there has been a cooling trend since 1998]
2. Is the planet getting warmer due primarily to human activity? [Probably not]
3. Are the consequences of the planet getting warmer going to be overwhelmingly catastrophic? [Probably not]
4. Is an economically efficient and politically feasible response to cool the planet possible? [Probably not]

Other global warming stuff of interest: