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jan 30th, 2010

i don't know kumar, just forwarding kataria's recommendation. but it would be good to have some hindus in the US congress. 

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Dear friends,

I have known Vijay Kumar for nearly thirty years and has been a great  friend of mine.  He is dedicated, intellectually honest, a true visionary, and a profound political thinker.


Vijay has sensibly proclaimed that there is no such a thing as a "War on Terror" because terrorism is only a technique, a tool, a tactic in a much larger war -- Universal Jihad. Universal Jihad is a threat to the entire free word, and it is a war that can be won only if we acknowledge that it's a war against humanity.


In terms of foreign and domestic policy, he has seen up close what militant Islam can do to a country and a culture, so he uniquely understands the consequences to America and to liberal democracies all  over the world. That's why in 2008, he was the first politician to run on an anti-Sharia platform and his message was very well received.  Within two months of launching his web-site, Vijay received almost one 
third of the primary votes.


Vijay also has a realistic plan to win America's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq within five years, for less than a billion dollars, and without the further loss of precious American lives. No other politician in America is proposing anything even close, because they  do not understand that it is a war  between theocracy and democracy, between fanaticism and reason.

Vijay has profound respect for the American people who have turned out in droves, at their own expense and inconvenience, to attend town hall meetings and Tea Parties and demonstrations in an effort to try and get Washington listen, only to be ignored and demeaned by the political machine and the mainstream media. He wants to take their message into the very halls of Congress and make it echo loud and clear.

I have profound respect for Vijay's intellectual honesty and moral courage. We need leaders like him. First, though, he needs to win the election. Please help him in any way you can. The greatest need in any  campaign is money to pay for ways to get the message out to the public, so any amount you can donate is deeply appreciated.


Please visit his website for further information.  www.Kumarfor


Narain Kataria


Harish said...

I remember reading in an article about him that he was married to some white xtian & goes to Church so be careful about this Vijay Kumar character. He could be another Bobby Jindal in the making.

Just use Hindu votes to get into the office & then forget all about us.

Moksha said...

From his website:
"In 1983, Vijay married Robin Minix, a native of Bowling Green, Kentucky. In keeping with his conservative family values, Vijay and Robin have been married for twenty-seven years. The Kumar family attends Bellevue Community Church in Nashville, Tennessee."

I think you should revise the statement about him being a hindu :)

SAHANIS said...

I see no politician who has knowledge of Islam and its political agendas .It will be nice some one who can edcuate others on this issue.