Thursday, January 21, 2010

kashmiriyat in action

jan 21st, 2010

k is cruel in calling this gent a darwin award candidate, but it shows how when it comes to mohammedans, kashmiriyat and everything else are a poor second. all they understand is that all non-mohammedans have to be killed, so that dar-ul islam, the land of 'peas', can be arrived at. you know, all those lands of 'peas' such as pakisan, afghanistan, iran, etc.

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From: K
Date: Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 6:40 PM
Subject: Darwin award candidate
To: Rajeev Srinivasan


Amar Shaheed Sarwanand Kaul Premi

A  Profile

 He was deeply religious as well as liberal. He was widely respected in the area as in his long career as a teacher he had illuminated many minds and given them education - the most precious of all gifts. But the fact that the world of his poetic beliefs and sensibilities had ceased to exist and old loyalties and friendship had become powerless in the face of fierce assaults mounted by the forces of fundamentalism and fanaticism dawned upon us and the faith was ultimately shattered when on April 29, 1990, late in the evening three young masked terrorists, like hungry wolves most anxious to trap their prey, forced their entry into the house and let loose the reign of terror. They asked the inmates at gunpoint to queue in one room, with one gunman guarding its door. The other terrorists ransacked the entire house and stretched their ugly hands on what-ever they could lay, looted all their valuables after forcing the ladies to hand over their ornaments. They ransacked the library and destroyed rare manuscripts. While plundering, one militant shouted in surpirse: "Masha Allah, ye to Qurani Sharif he". Shri Kaul had kept one copy of it reverentially in the library for his study.
 Harmless Soul
 This incident came most shocking, since only that day some Muslim neighbours had given full assurance of their help for protection. It was so because Premi and declared so openly that he had no plans of abandoning the village where he had fought for years together for the upliftment of the majority community and has not done any harm to anybody.
 After packing the loot in suit-cases, they asked this noble soul to accompany them to see their higher ups who, they said, were waiting outside. They also asked Virindra (his son) to escort them up to the camp. They swore in the name of Allah that no harm would be done to him and his son. Their hand-folded requests had no effect on them. They carried both the father and the son at gunpoint and after two days of painful anxiety came the most tragic news of their assassination.
 This happened to a man who had kept a copy of the Quran in his books for regular study, a freedom fighter, a humanist and a philantropist, an eminent scholar social worker and a well-known Kashmiri poet contemporary of Mahjoor and Azad. A man who has worked voluntarily for 3 months each in private Muslim and Hindu schools after his retirement as a love for children of both the communities.

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