Friday, January 15, 2010

india's wuss factor: why nobody respects the milquetoast, mealy-mouthed indian government

jan 15th, 2010

if only india could act a little like a big power. i am not sure an indian naval battle group steaming up to western australia is a real good idea, but gunboat diplomacy is something people do remember. (if nehru could send a frigate to drop flowers where mrs. mountbatten was buried at sea and thus waste petrol, surely we can send a ship to give the aussies a message when some "aam admis" are being massacred).

btw, aussie ambassador is a kerala christist!

no harm waking him up, right, like the chinese woke up nirupama rao at 2am?

after all, he's not a white guy. most indian netas and babus (babu + neta = beta?) get knock-kneed when they see a white.

(tharoor is one guy who doesn't, so they carefully ensure he isn't included in any serious negotiations).

what 'displeasure' crap? how about waking up Aus amb verghese at 2am and serving a demarche (as china did to india)?

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