Monday, January 18, 2010

hampi true teardrop on the face of time

jan 18th, 2010

go to hampi, folks. you will never again look at 'secularism' the same way again. vijayanagar had mohammedans in the army. they turned coat at a critical time in the battle of talikota and went over to the side of the bahmini sultans, their fellow-mohammedans. in fact, they killed the aged king of vijayanagar (90 years old) who was riding an elephant, beheaded him, and hoisted his head up on a spear. this caused the vijayanagar army to panic and be routed.

vijayanagar was burned to the ground for six months. yes, continuously for six months.

it was the richest and largest city in the world at its peak. there were seven huge bazaars, like giant shopping malls, where they sold gemstones by the handful! and one of the bazaars was the courtesan's bazaar!

and to reduce all this to ashes the mohammedans burned it for six months!


Sameer said...

A bit off-topic.
I had been to a temple town (Dwaraka Tirumala) in Andhra region (West Godavari dist) this weekend. We took a detour from the highway and went through the rural areas. I noticed that there were too many churches along the way and in some villages they seemed to outnumber the temples too. Ofcourse I could also see statues of Y Samuel Reddy nearby. It looked as if I was not in India but in some third world christist country. (Reminded me of SriLankan town called Negombo, which was 90% catholic and had a church in every corner and didnt look SriLankan at all)
I was told that this problem (of Christian conversion) was prevelant very much in Coastal Andhra region and also most of these converts were also practising Hindu rituals. (Like Stealth Christists).
It is sad to see these cultists eat away into our populace using fraud and guile.

Shankar said...

I agree. I doubt if Missionary activity in any part of India is higher than in coastal AP.

Murty said...

When YSR was made the CM of AP back in 2004, he was not sure how long he would be allowed to continue in the chair by Sonia or in other words by the coterie (what does she know or care about anybody, anyway). For gaining direct entry to the sanctum sanctorum catapulting over the wall (a.k.a. coterie) around the goddess (for the congress fellows!), he came up with the idea of proselytization of his state subjects, since he knew that was the dearest thing to her. Conversions took place on a prolific scale and the consequences are there to see now as some have commented. And that is YSR’s legacy! In my opinion, YSR had no love lost for Christianity; whatever he did was just for the seat of power.

I often wonder how Hinduism is able to survive in this country, in the face of this kind of sustained attacks from anti-Hindu forces.

Itsdifferent said...

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Ghost Writer said...

its not funny - but i had the same feeling when driving through the kaveri delta three years ago. all of the south is under assault - is it the other side of being globally integrated? sad to see foreign money obscuring temple architecture - which is the native architecture of India