Monday, January 18, 2010

interesting: A formal complaint by a mohammedan against and response

jan18th, 2010

"indian national league"? is this the new name for the "indian union muslim league"?

it is an article of faith in shariah law that mohammedanism may not be criticized, i suppose because it is axiomatically divine. the penalties are severe. they have left no loopholes -- there are penalties for everything they don't like.

as mentioned here before, they are trying to make this the law around the world. with petro-dollars, they will succeed in getting the appropriate UN body to agree.

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A Formal Complaint Against FFI

01/17/2010 - 07:17

The following is a complaint made against faithfreedom International by Mr. Zameer Ahmed Jumlana, Secretary of All India Committee, Indian National League, to the Commissioner of Delhi Police, India.


To the desk of Y. S. Dadwal, Commissioner of Delhi Police, INDIA.

CC. faithreedom International

My attention is being drawn about Anti-Islamic provocative website [1] . I personally check the website which contains the Alleged Pictures of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) which are forbidden according to teachings of Islam. The Life History of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) is also described at the said website in a much distorted manner. What is more objectionable is that Anti-Islamic propaganda is done by imposing them as ardent Muslim.

I am optimistic that a swift legal action will be taken against the above identified website.

Zameer Ahmed Jumlana
(Secretary All India Committee, Indian National League)
Mobile: 9811531096

Response by Mr. Ali Sina

Dear Mr. Zameer Ahmed Jumlana,

Showing the pictures of Muhammad is forbidden by the teachings of Islam. However, we are not Muslims and we do not abide by the teachings of Islam. Isn't it absurd that you expect everyone to live by your dictums?

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M. Patil said...

Irrespective of what UN does, US and several other western nations will not outlaw criticizm of any ideology.

Hopefully because of 'Indian national Muslim league' more Hindus will learn about and the Truth about Islam.

Going through should be made mandatory for all Hindus, especially those who go to interfaith dialogues.This should stop Hindu leaders from blabbering 'all religions are same'.

sa said...

just a correction.The website is www.faithfreedom.ORG not www.faithfreedom.COM.The website with COM was created to counter FFI.ORG.Unfortunately or fortunately it shows how no no brainer this religion of peace is.They still have to steal others name.They cannot come out with their own.