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IIT Madras Special Placement Drive for Start-Ups/Young Companies of IIT Alumni

jan 23rd, 2010

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From: Advisor, Office of Alumni Affairs

                                                                                                                    Call to All IIT Entrepreneurs

Have you wondered how to hire the best talent for your start-up/young company, but never got around recruiting the right people?  Have you felt most people you hired lacked the basic aptitude, ambition and hunger to work with you on your company's vision?  And, have you wondered on how to get motivated IIT students to work with you?

… … …and all this while, did you know that there are a many challenge-hungry, ambitious and highly motivated IIT graduates passing out each year who are searching for start-ups/young companies like yours to begin their careers in and most often never find what they are seeking?

The Cell for Technology Innovation, Development and Entrepreneurship Support (C-TIDES) and the Department of Management Studies (DoMS), IIT Madras, invite all IIT Alumni (any IIT, boss) led start-ups/ young companies to bridge this gap once and for all, build a culture of enviable entrepreneur alumni-student engagement and add fuel to the nascent fire of entrepreneurship within the Institute's students.

The time is set, the date is set, the agenda is set.  Now, we need all the hands we can get to rake the fire of entrepreneurship.

Starting 2010, let's celebrate together the bold new spirit of entrepreneurship that we Indians and IITians are known for.  Your start-up/young company is invited to participate in a special placement drive to be held on Saturday and Sunday, 30th and 31st January 2010, in IIT Madras.  During these two days, you may make your pitches to an eager audience consisting of challenge-hungry, ambitious and highly motivated students and attract them to work for your start-up/young company.  Of course, you can do all the pitching and negotiation you deem fit.

This is IIT Madras' honest effort to connect entrepreneur- alumni with the challenge-hungry, ambitious and highly motivated students.

How this will be done:

If you are an IIT Alumnus (any IIT, boss) who is either leading a start-up/young company or in a decision making authority within a start-up/young company, send an e-mail to me with your name, company name along with brief description, contact details (phone numbers, postal address, e-mail address, website URL, etc.), and job description/ responsibility profile.

C-TIDES will then publicize information about your start-up/young company among the students, receive their resumes/CVs and hand them over to you on Sunday or Monday, 24 or 25 January 2010, according to a schedule that will be worked out in consultation with you.  DoMS will arrange to make available the rooms for making your presentations and conducting the interviews.

Excited?  Raring to go?  Game for game-changing?  Welcome to this initiative.

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1.  The Employers Registration Form (ERF) and Placement Brochure are attached and contain details regarding our Courses and Departments in nutshell.  These have been attached here itself to save time.
2.  The Companies interested in participating in this special drive are requested to send us their details as required in the ERF (any additions are also welcome) by 24 Jan 2010.  This shall be announced to the students in the placement website wherein interested students will submit their resumes.  This shall be kept open till 27 Jan.  These resumes will then be sent by us to the Cos concerned by 28 Jan 2010.
3.  The Interview rooms/ PPT Halls/ Lecture Halls will be informed on 30 and 31 January after knowing the number of Companies that will have expressed interest in participating in this special placement drive.
Best wishes,
L. S. Ganesh
Professor, Department of Management Studies (DoMS)
Professor-in- charge
Cell for Technology Innovation, Development and Entrepreneurship Support
Chennai 600036
+91 44 22574554 (desk)
+91 44 22574550 (office: to leave meassages)
+91 44 22576554 (home)
+91 94440 19435 (mobile)
+91 44 22574552 (office)
+91 44 22570509 (Institute)

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Trailer: Louis Lautman