Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nitin Pai's rebuttal to BARBARA CROSSETTE rant in foreign policy

jan 30th, 2010

foreign policy magazine is ultra-hostile to india. probably has some JNU-types or pakistanis among the staff.  

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The Elephant in the room,1

Rebuttal by Nitin Pai:
Why India Is No Villain
Barbara Crossette is wrong: This rising power helps solve far more problems than it creates.

According to the Financial Times' Lucy Kellaway, "Elephant in the Room" was the most popular cliché to appear in major newspapers and journals in 2009. It is perhaps appropriate then that Barbara Crossette's latest diatribe against India appeared in Foreign Policy under that headline. Although it claims to show that India causes "the most global consternation" and "gives global governance the biggest headache," it is merely a series of rants and newsroom clichés selected entirely arbitrarily to support the author's prejudice.

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