Sunday, January 24, 2010

times of india ad reminds us that if pak general's mother hadn't been born, neither would he

jan 24th, 2010

and so we are supposed to conclude that the pak general's mother should have been assassinated before she could deliver him, or what?

and enquiring minds want to know why didn't they use ISI poster boy hamid gul's handsome face instead? he's, after all, a pal of 'genocide suzie'

this is the latest fallout from the ToI's 'aman ki asha' (i believe this means 'desire for piss') deal with pak's jang group, no doubt lubricated by generous dollops of goodies.


nanda said...

>and so we are supposed to >conclude that the pak general's >mother should have been >assassinated before she could >deliver him, or what?

terminator redux?

Prabhu said...

It is very hard to believe that the Paper that published didn't event question/check this photo.

Some one will be made scapegoat on this now by UPA