Sunday, January 17, 2010

bbc finds it hard to believe bihar is doing well

jan 17th, 2010

and the limeys are the guys who have been lauding communist rule in bengal and lionizing jyoti basu, talk of double standards! 


Big Ten said...

There was a similar storyline on Outlook India. All of this spinning is probably both in preparation for the October Bihar state elections and also to undermine the recent news reports on NDA government's growth accomplishments in Bihar and other NDA-run states.

Oldtimer said...

It's not just the BBC. Most of Indian media was lionzing Laloo Yadav and gang. You know, the social justice messiah. People don't need food, they don't need good roads or electricity, all they need is "dignity" -- that sort of thing, as if dignity and development are mutually exclusive. After throwing Laloo out, Bihar has seen not only economic growth, it also has seen far less caste conflict. Stories of caste massacres in Bihar used to be a regular feature on the front page, if you recall. I bet many leftwing columnist pundits _needed_ these massacres to justify their theories on social iniquities, much as they need communal riots to vilify Hindus. Bihar's miseries are man-made, inflicted by a cabal of politicians, aided and abetted by their padmasri-winning media factotums. For all the wasted opportunity, wasted decades and wasted lives, there ought to be Nuremberg style trials of these specimens.

kp11 said...

I once saw Nitish and Lalu addressing a press conference together after the massive floods a few years back.

While Nitish came across as intelligent, crisp, sincere and eloquent, Lalu talked like he had a load of gutka in his mouth. Uninformed, unintelligible, crude and filthy, sounding as if he were presiding over a gang rape along with his cohorts, he still did not have the nerve to utter much sitting beside a sincere person. He made a few pedestrian comments, in a tone in which if rowdy boys speak in neighbourhoods, they are asked to be avoided by parents of other boys, and reprimanded severly besides.

What did people ever find funny or interesting about this two-rupee clown? What does he teach in b-schools- how to talk so you are roundly thrashed? No wonder these b-schools exist like headless chickens, not knowing what they are doing and wherefore.