Monday, January 25, 2010

antidote to dumb ad re mothers in yesterday's ToI: what mohammedan girls can aspire to in india

jan 25th, 2010

the ToI ad was not a mistake. the folks in the government (eg. manmohan) really think india belongs to pakistan. 

note how the ELM isn't demanding manmohan should resign because of this. or because food prices have gone up by 100%. but when the NDA was in power, even if a mosquito bit john dayal, they would claim it was a hindutva mosquito, and vajpayee must resign. 

verily, the ELM are the worst whores in india. 

here, from @barbarindian, is the ad that deserves to be run, but will not be because of mohammedan appeasement.

very well done. 

very rude, but very appropriate.


bly243001 said...

Hilarious! In the same vein, check this video spoofing harvestors of souls
fresh prince of

Arvind said...

Fantastic job!

Sameer said...

Very Hillarious... and creative :)
Happy Republic Day to alll.. 60 years of Indian Republic...

I happened to see the RD Parade as every year, but this year's was not that good. No, the parade was great, but the fog played spolsport and the worse thing was the official Doordarshan cameraman, must be some kaangressman.. the fool was focussing more on the VIPees than on the marching contingents and armoury....