Sunday, January 24, 2010

first they killed rajnish; now his wife is missing. more cruelty to hindus in kashmir

jan 24th ,2010

of course, the ELM which went ballistic over rizwan's death has said absolutely nothing about rajnish's death in police custody. now rajnish's wife anchal (nee amina) has 'disappeared'. surely she's going to be the victim of a 'honor killing'. this will also be swept under the carpet by the ELM and the government and the police. after all, as an ex-mohammedan, they have every right to kill her. 

of course, hindus have no rights at all. 

Rajnish's widow 'missing' 
Tribune News Service

Jammu, January 15
Anchal Sharma, aka Amina Yousuf, the widow of Rajnish Sharma, has been "missing" under mysterious circumstances from her in-laws' house here since early today.

Anchal had married Rajnish in a local court here on August 21 and on October 5 evening the youth was killed allegedly in police custody.

After Anchal and her in-laws filed a suit in the Supreme Court, the apex court issued directions to the state government to provide security to the deceased 's family.

Rajnish's mother, Raj Kumari, told this correspondent that Anchal had been missing since midnight. "Anchal told me yesterday that she had received threats on her cell phone. She woke up at about 3 a.m today and went to the washroom.Then, she went to get water from the kitchen and was missing since then", Raj Kumari said.

The family lives in a one-room rented accommodation in the Sarwal area. The members said Anchal was not wearing any woollens or slippers when she went missing.

"It seems to be a conspiracy hatched by the government because a number of senior cops and other officers are allegedly involved in the killing of my son and are under the scanner of the CBI. So, they played a trick and kidnapped Anchal, who was the main witness in the case of Rajnish's death," said Raj Kumari.

Anchal's sister-in-law, Kiran, said apprehensive of a foul play, at least four members of the family used to share a double bed. "Despite our being alert to unknown fears, some persons kidnapped Anchal," she alleged.

The family members also alleged that their security was cut without any reason. "The Supreme Court had issued orders to post at least five security personnel for our security, but last night, only one cop was present and even he was sleeping at the time of the incident. It clearly indicates the motive and nexus behind this," alleged Raj Kumari, and added a day before, there was not even a single security man at their house.

Raj Kumari also said that if the police failed to trace her daughter-in-law, she would immolate herself. The family members ruled out the possibility of Anchal disappearing on her own."Her parents are after her and there is no possibility of her going to them. She had changed her religion for my son and her father, Mohammed Yousuf Mirazi, will kill Anchal the moment he spots her," said Raj Kumari.

However, Randeep Kumar, SP, City (North) said: "There were proper security arrangements for the family as per the directions of the Supreme Court. We are investigating the matter and so far no case has been registered in this regard."

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Raja said...

You are probably you are not aware of the latest in this sordid story! The missing woman mysteriously reappeared in her parent's place and has squarely blamed her dead Hindu husband and his poor family! Moslems will always win in India which is now sadly already an Islamic republic!