Saturday, January 23, 2010

is this the 'american ire' i thought might now surface against the so-called 'bad taliban'?

jan 23rd, 2010

vastly increased frequency of drone attacks after the disaster in khost, where 7 CIA agents were killed by a double agent, and that included the CIA's top expert on the al qaeda.

is this an act of desperation, sort of blindly lashing out at the jihadis?

or is it that the ISI has successfully directed the CIA to attack the guys they don't like (aka 'the bad pakistani taliban', eg. the mehsud tribe)? let us note that none of these new attacks have hurt the afghan taliban, supposedly sheltered in quetta, baluchistan.

the drones are the perfect weapons for americans: antiseptic, no body bags being generated, and they have tons of video-game expert soldiers who just love controlling the machines and shooting down enemies.

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