Sunday, January 17, 2010

NYT to Become Pay Site

Hah, the blabbermouths at the NYT are about to get their comeuppance. NYT is being forced to become a pay site, mainly due to the economic downturn. Let's see how loose they'll be with their big mouths, once they have to really earn a living. I can see their readership shrinking down by quite a lot after this move. Nobody is going to pay to receive propaganda, so they'll only be left with the die-hard believers in their drivel.


asd123 said...
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asd123 said...

Seeing the New York Times Company go bankrupt would be a thing of beauty.

However it is more likely that when it fails, should a private equity firm or a coalition of investors fail to prop up the organization it will be absorbed into a large western media conglomerate.

Imagine the potential power, for example that Rupert Murdoch could accumulate by purchasing the New York Times. He would own three of the largest newspaper propaganda outlets in the West (i.e. the NYT, the WSJ, and the London Times).

M. Patil said...

Don't open champagne yet!

Murdoch seems to be in talks with Saudi investor/prince for collaboration/investment.