Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ashley Tellis: New Delhi, Washington: Who gets what?

jan 30th, 2010

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New Delhi, Washington: Who gets what? 

Ashley Tellis

When the transformation of US-India relations was just beginning early in the Bush administration, the then US ambassador to India, Robert D Blackwill, asked a group of Americans and Indians gathered in Aspen, Colorado, a pregnant question. In Sanjaya Baru's recent retelling, Blackwill directly challenged his interlocutors: "India wants the US to invest, India wants the US to keep its markets more open, India wants more visas for its professionals, India wants us to be helpful on Kashmir and in dealing with Pakistan, India wants US support for membership of the UN Security Council, India wants this and India wants that. Tell me what will India give in return?"

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Incognito said...

>>>"From the nuclear tests to the peace process with Pakistan to civilian nuclear cooperation with the US, both Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh have pursued dramatic endeavors to India's advantage."

What advantage did India get from pi$$ process with Pakistan and noclear deal with US ?

>>>"There is no reason now to shy away from further bold actions that confirm India's continuing value to the US."

As if it is US's birthright to demand value from India and India's privilege to continue to provide value to US.

No wonder this creature is being used by Carnegie Endowment and US Council for Selfish Interest.