Sunday, January 17, 2010

pat robertson: Haitians are Satanic and Deserve Their Suffering

jan 18th, 2010

now let's see: why does pat, formerly a serious candidate for the US presidency, hate haitians?

1. they are black
2. they are poor
3. they are catholics

so much for the great luuuuuuuuuuv that he and his god yhwh profess.

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Haitians are Satanic and Deserve Their Suffering

Leading evangelical Christian minister Pat Robertson recently caused quite a stir with his comments about the recent tragedy in Haiti.

Throughout this week, people worldwide have showed their compassion, empathy and support for the people of Haiti. We have heard horror story after horror story and been deeply saddened by the unimaginable pain and suffering these fellow humans have experienced.To the average person, this is a truly horrific occurance that no one would wish on their worst enemy.

But to Pat Robertson, this is the act of - brace for it -  a holy, perfect, loving and just God. Recently, he made comments basically arguing that the Haitians brought the Earthquake onto themselves. Why? Apparently, Robertson thinks that Haitians have made a pact with the devil.

Sadly, the voice of this nut-job (and I do mean nut job) still has immense power in the United States.  Millions of evangelical christians turn into his shows for wisdom and insight, and a dose of the news (with a serious right wing slant).

So what makes Robertson think the way he does? Well, I have an idea or two.  We know Robertson believes the Bible is 100% literally true. And we know that Robertson believes that anyone who doesn't believe what he does is going to Hell.

Once you hold those two positions, it sort of opens up a giant can of possibilities for what you can, in your own mind, endorse. Once a person can be justified to suffer in a pit of fire for ETERNITY, then an earthquake is probably not viewed with near the same level of tragedy.

For Robertson, God is saving Haitians from his worst punishment (Hell) by trying to send a warning sign to them via this earthquake. It is classic Old Testament, Biblical theology. The Old Testament God certainly isn't a hippie pacifist. He/She will lay the smack down on a country (heck, even his/her own followers) if they don't stay in line.

So while most of the world sees this earthquake for what it is - a tragedy of immense proportions - Robertson sees it as an act by God to save the Haitians from themselves and Hell. God just doesn't want his people to suffer in a pit of fire eternally. So God kills off a few in the meantime.

Robertson is a nut job.  And sadly, his remarks add pain to many Haitians who have enough Hell in their life right now on Earth.

The classic christian scholar C.S. Lewis writes extensively about how the ultimate human vice is pride and arrogance. It is people who are self-righteous and think they know everything that will be seperated from God in the next life. They won't be humble enough to accept that God has "taken in" many people they don't find deserving and that have different beliefs. This will be intolerable to them, so they will run off like a spoiled child whose mom suggests that he share his toy.

Robertson fits this to a "t." Just maybe, Lewis is right; many "drunks and prostitutes" are closer to God than many "self-righteous prigs" who attend church vehemently.

Just maybe, if Lewis is right,  it could be Robertson in that pit of fire.


Stephanie said...

While there may be many Christians who follow Mr. Robertson, most do not. And as far as the aid to Haiti, a great many missionaries were already there, all of whom were and still are Christians. I count myself blessed to be able to say that I am a follower of Jesus. I also watch a number of 'evangelists' on TV, such as Ed Young, Joyce Meyers, and even Benny Hinn. I find that all I watch give me more insight into the Word of God. I don't necessarily agree with the personal opinions that any of them may air. A true follower of Jesus, a true Christian sees the people of Haiti as Children of God. I hope and pray that most of the people also see this. Maybe if we all pray for Mr. Robertson, he will have a God encounter!

nizhal yoddha said...

well, stephanie, if you watch the likes of benny hinn (indicted for tax fraud), we should pray to god that you see the light and convert out pronto. you should convert into hinduism or buddhism. these are far more compassionate religions, much more eco-friendly and woman-friendly.

Anonymous said...

>>>" Maybe if we all pray for Mr. Robertson, he will have a God encounter!"

What has this 'God' of yours done for the MILLIONS of Native Americans whom you protestant and catholic christians decimated, stephanie ?

Considering the demonic behavior exhibited by christians during the past two millenniums, it seems, the christian god is more satan than satan.

fritosfan said...

to nizhal yoddha,
I never said that any person is perfect, and all Christians do sin. As everyone does. I just said that I watch Benny Hinn for insight in God's Word. As for women friendly religions, if you were to read the New Testament, you would see that many women followed Jesus and He appeared to Mary Magdelene on His arising from death 1st, even before He appeared before the Apostles.
Jesus sees women and men ad equals, it's religion, man-made religion that places women under men.
I follow Jesus' teachings, and I listen to others for the purpose of gaining a better insight into the Word of God. I don't always believe everything I see and hear.

fritosfan said...

to esteppan,
God is good! He created you and loves you as much as any Christian. I can't condone anything that anyone else has done, I'm a sinner too. What right do I have to judge another person's actions of words when my own have caused another person pain and suffering? And you are right about the Native Americans, only problem is I did not live in that time, so how can I be responsible for what someone else has done? I pray that both you and nizhal yoddha will feel the love that God has for you.

nizhal yoddha said...

stephanie or whatever, christists are generally the worst sinners around. it starts with worshipping a false god, yhwh. then it goes on to propagating a hoax about the non-existent jesus. then there is the built-in racism, based on the stories of ham and shem, and one enslaving the other. next there is the built-in anti-nature stuff, where christists believe nature is for them to destroy.

yhwh is a cruel, tribal, lesser god, and this is why he is so jealous. read richard dawkin's cruelly accurate description: "the god of the old testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction. jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty, ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully."

the word, if you mean the bible, is mostly fiction, riddled with with hoaxes, fabrications, and total inconsistencies. read bart ehrman, a born-again professor of theology, on how he discovered that the bible is so full of problems there is no way it could be of divine origin. it is cooked up by medieval priests. jesus himself is an invention of paul.

for your own sake, the sooner you abandon this pack of lies and convert to hinduism, the better your eternal soul will be taken care of.

fritosfan said...

Well nizhal, while u r certainly entitled to ur own opinion, i am entitled to mine as well. I believe in My God, whom I call Father, because of the fact He has spoken to me, out loud physically, through His Holy Spirit, through His Word, and even through tv, the radio programs, other people and just from the blogs i read.
Jesus was proven to exist, as both The Son of Man and The Only Begotten Son of God, and He has shown Himself to me.
I have experienced the Holy Spirit's Presence, along with seeing both God's Angels, I have also seen the evil spirits and have felt their presence.
There are a great many books, not to mention people who have seen and spoken to God's Angels and have experienced the evil spirits.
You talk to me about converting to a religion to me is cruel and unjust, yet to reach Nirvanha, you have to have been kind, forgiving, good and treat people the way you would want to be treated. Funny how these teachings are the same as Jesus taught.
The difference is that my God and Father forgives, and Jesus died on the Cross so that I won't have to come back again, and My God isn't so cruel to send me back as less than human, as in a cow or a butterfly, etc.
When I die, I will go straight to Heaven, where I will stand in the Presence of my Father and of Jesus.
As for the Old Testament, it was inspired by the Holy Spirit, yet still written by man. I don't believe God is portrayed correctly.
You have to think about how the people were living back then where all natural Phenonomen, such as volcanoes, floods, pestilence, and even an eclispe would be attributed to God.
As far as what Richard Dawkins wrote, God did not condone the slaying of all the Children of God's enemies. Man did this on his own.
My Father loves all His Children, even to giving them the free will to not love Him in return, yet still acting in their lives and loving them.

nizhal yoddha said...

dear fritosfan, you are seriously paranoid delusional. you should seek psychiatric help if you see and speak to jesus, who is a figment of paul's imagination. why can't you have your own hallucinations? why do you want to see paul's hallucination?

oh, so you think you are superior to a cow or a butterfly? why? so your god -- the brute yhwh -- made them to be subservient to you? now you see why your semitic ideology is so anti-environment.

i have nothing to do with your father or his son or the holy ghost (is that caspar the friendly ghost's brother?). no, your god did not create me. as a minor, tribal, jealous god, i am pretty sure he hates richard dawkins, because he lays out your yhwh's thuggishness quite clearly.

it has been real, but i tire of holy rollers quite soon, as you just repeat your mindless brainwashing, so i am afraid anything you post here will be deleted forthwith.