Sunday, January 17, 2010

kerala's champion guzzlers

jan 18th, 2010

Kerala's Patiala Peg

Kerala drinks more alcohol than it consumes rice, so so says a comparative study of annual liquor sales and food bill of the State. The statistic is alarming if you see how drinking problems among Keralites have started coming from the under 18 age group too. VR Jayaraj tells you how lost the State Government is in the glitter of profit even as Kerala is hurtling to a drinking disaster


reminds me of a little ditty that was written originally about my ancestral village, mayyanad. it is now true of kerala in general.

[] mahadesan
nerukedin uravidam
annam nasti, jalam pushti
madyapanam mahotsavam

[] is a great place
the source of all untruth
not much food, lots of water
drinking is a major festival


R. said...

from the pen of Venmani Mahan Namboodiri.

Non Carborundum said...

Freakonomics style conclusion - Christian growth rate is higher in Kerala than Muslim growth rate, since alcohol consumption is banned in Islam.

Inferno said...

Recently, a comrade from Kerala was shedding copious tears about hunger in India on his blog (if you ask me, they should be banned from American owned and capitalist owned blogs like Blogger and Wordpress). I pointed out how Kerala's food production came down under communist rule. Ahh! the satisfaction of cornering a hypocritical commie.
My favourite quote - Kill A Commie For Christ! Put the guy on the stick to some use, I say.