Thursday, April 05, 2007

vir sanghvi bashes communists

apr 4, 2007

amazing, even their old pals are turning on the communist/fascists these days. this is a good one by sanghvi.

what this means is the following: any communist who is pontificating can be stopped in his tracks and shut up by just the mention of the word 'nandigram'. it is giving them propaganda nightmares. it is clear to all impartial observers that communism = fascism.

they will never live this down. rather, let us not let them live this down. it is making them extremely defensive.


Apollo said...

He actually called the CPI(M) as ‘thugs and murderers’ for the massacre of innocents in Nandigram and infact he goes on to draw parallels with Mao and Stalin and the finest traditions of ‘global communism’.

One wonders how long it is before Vir Sanghvi is denounced as a “counter-revolutionary” and a “closet communalist” by his leftist media colleagues and “intellectuals”.

habc said...

I heard HT has a new owner -Rupert Murdoch - maybe he is continuing the long tradition of keeping the Massah's happy. - one hint is that he talks about things 10 years ago in Calcutta - did he not remember about all those things for these 10 yers when he was sucking uto them?

iamfordemocracy said...

Hold on. Give Veer Sanghavi some space to change his position. As heat against wrongdoers gathers momentum, many legacy leftist intellectuals will have to put on patches before they finally allign themselves with new sponsor. Forget their past. Thump the benches if you like what they are saying just now.