Wednesday, April 18, 2007

francois gautier: video on brahmins and upper castes on youtube

apr 18th, 2007

hi francois,

will forward this on. i have previously tried to upload the video without success from the CD i got from you.

thank you for making this available.

it shows the reality behind the myth that brahmins are somehow top of the heap in india. in fact, those at the top of the heap, enjoying all sorts of State privilege, are mostly christists, with some clever mohammedans as well who have latched on to the mammaries of the welfare state.


On 4/17/07, Francois < > wrote:
dear rajiv,

please pass on the message that everybody should view on UTube a 5 mnts clip on the fate of brahmins and Other Upper Castes in India today
fran├žois gautier

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abhishek said...
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abhishek said...

It is not a coincidence that increasing caste discrimnation is being accomampanied by utter decay in every department of government, humiliataion for the country, and the low quality of civic life.

This is because such a mosntrous discrimination can only be perpetrated by a bunch of ghouls- which is what this government is.

People enjoying their current run of hubris at the expense of Brahmins and other 'unfavoured' castes will soon realize its cynical disposition. I think they must already.

Sagar said...

Face it. It's not going to improve - I mean the attitude of the establishment. I feel sad seeing this video for two reasons: one is their (brahmins') pathetic state and the second and the more important one is, they seem to be losing the wherewithal, the resourcefulness and craft to get out of such situations. Indeed, these qualities were what set them apart from others in the past.

On practical front, some sort of self-help group seems to be the only solution. Here, I feel people like me (and all of you who have the resources to see this video), who can genuinely do things (not giving alms but designing strategies and giving directions) can help. However, we are all caught in our own comfort zones, if not, bound by inertia. We fail to take the lead and bemoan the turn of events in a spineless manner. If only............