Thursday, April 19, 2007

Air India terrorist glorified in Vancouver
The Kanishka bomber was glorified at a parade in Surrey (a Vancouver suburb) as a 'martyr'. In attendance were MP's from across the political spectrum in Canada. The Khalistani's in Vancouver still harbor this fantasy of the Sikh 'homeland' and teach their third post-immigration generation that Sikhs are regularly tortured in India - like Jews in Nazi Germany

This 'Gurudwara' was visited by Canada's greatest leftist-idiot Jack Layton one week "after" the scandal. The Conservatives have expressed regret (as opposed to apologized)

Who cares - the dead were mostly poor Hindus!!!


habc said...

ot - Church in Kolkata to mediate between farmers and Communist government

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

Interesting development:
China turns table on Pakistan, accuses it of training terrorists

Sameer said...


Its typical of the christist wolves to hunt for victims and such incidents are their favourite, look how they pray to their god to have more such incidents so that ther potential victims can be 'saved'.
Their 'service' is all bullshit, a cover for their more deadly conversion activity, hence their bitter opposition to anti-conversion laws.