Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pak Minister Injured in Suicide Bombing

Pak Interior Minister Aftab Khan Sherpao was injured in a suicide bombing attack. And as Manmohan would say, "but isn't Pakistan too a victim of terrorism?"
Only if you count what's self-inflicted.


Raghu said...

Next thing Manmohan will say India is the perpetrator of terrorism..

witan said...

You can't fully believe any news originating in Pakistan, until verified by independent sources. The minister could have been a "Tomato ketchup" victim.
Take a close look at the so-called assassination attempts on Musharraf. Bombs go off a few minutes after Mush has passed, not before. Musharraf's "aides" and escorts get injured, but not the general himself. Incidentally, the "terrorist" attacks on Kashmiri politicians are very similar. They all appear to be stage-managed.

witan said...

The report in New York Times is more detailed. The additional information there is in line with what I said in my earlier post.