Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Taiwan says it would win war with China

More power to Taiwan! Now Taiwan is Red China's Achilles' Heel. India should fully exploit it and cultivate Taiwan just as China does Pakistan. Give them missiles and also anti-missile defence systems, etc. Can't expect the UPA to do any such stuff though. Hoping a future Indian Govt. does.

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Shahryar said...

Taiwan's Lt. Gen. Hsu Tai-sheng is playing with a video game which is badly programmed - i.e. it fails to include the thousand missiles that China has aimed at Taiwan.

I think the Lt.-Gen. Hsu is an agent for US arms manufacturers who need Taiwan to buy their expensive products.

Most people fail to realise that Taiwanese corporations have been relocating their electronics/PC manufacturing to China for over 15 years.

This has given China today the lucrative advanced electronics industry.

Does anyone think the communist Chinese were capable of indigenously developing their electronics manufacturing industry?

We owe a debt of gratitude to the Taiwanese entrepreneurs for developing cheap affordable computers!