Sunday, April 22, 2007

hate-mongering against koreans in aftermath of shooting

apr 22nd, 2007

tragic. now the bigots are after korean-americans, according to newsweek. this will spread to all east asians. remember someone beating some chinese to death in detroit thinking they were japanese? this is also like people targeting indians thinking they were iranians during the hostage crisis in the 1980s.

in my personal experience, korean-americans have been diligent and hard-working people. many are also very religious.

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Some people have come out with outrageous statements against Koreans. Newsweek has refused to retract the statement and the sepia mutiny hatemongers are upset.

 Cho Seung-Hui, the 23-year-old identified as the killer of 32 on the Virginia Tech campus, may have lived in the state since his elementary school days, but to the bigots in the blogosphere it was his origins in Korea that mattered most. "Koreans are the most hotheaded and macho of East Asians," wrote one unnamed commentator on the Sepia Mutiny blog. "They are also sick and tired of losing their Korean girlfriends to white men with an Asian fetish."


Chatrapath said...

This anti-Korean backlash has NOTHING to do with the incident at VA Tech. The backlash represents latent racism that was always present but needs an "excuse" to rear its head. All of the anti-Korean statements represent a reflection of how some people really think. It's a primitive mob mentality.

Just like some white americans attacked turbaned Sikhs after 9/11. It had nothing to do with the shocking events and terror. It was a response to a latent feeling.

All people need an enemy they can see, that they can perceive. No one can blame somehting or someone they can't see.

lost in thoughts said...

not sure if there is/will be hate crimes against koreans. hope not anyways. i think this big hullabulla @ hate crimes is being done by koreans just to preempt any crimes. state beforehand "we are victims". clever. indians could learn such tactics...

DarkStorm said...

Sepia mutiny is one typical "South Asian" blog.. I visited them just once.. and found over a hundred comments by Paki buffoons, spreading lies..