Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Woman Panch 'beaten up, stripped' by cleric

apr 11, 2007

nice way to demonstrate the great respect given to women in mohammedanism.

would 'chanda khatoon' be a mohammedan or a hindu woman? of course, if she's hindu, the idea of stripping her would come quite naturally to the mohammedan.

and where might shabana azmi and teesta setalvad and indira jaising and deepa mehta be, might i wonder, those saviors of oppressed women? these 'activists' have been rather quiet after nandigram anyway.

en passant, unbelievable how quiet india is these days. all the usual suspect banshees have shut their traps and are not to be heard from. can it be, gasp, that they have some shame after all? naaah, can't be. it's just a temporary attack of sanity. shame? them harpies? no way.

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From: Shahryar

Woman Panch 'beaten up, stripped' by cleric
[ 11 Apr, 2007 0740hrs ISTPTI ]

MOTIHARI: A woman 'panch' in Bihar was allegedly beaten up and stripped by a Muslim cleric in public view for complaining against "damage" done to her house by him.

Chanda Khatoon was allegedly thrashed with a baton, stripped and paraded at Siswa village in East Champaran district on Sunday for protesting against local madarsa teacher Alauddin, who reportedly dug up a portion of the wall of her mud house.

Police said Alauddin was constructing a house adjacent to Chanda's for which he needed soil. He reportedly chose to take some from the mud wall of Chanda's hut, to which she protested.

The cleric lost his cool at Chanda, who ekes out a living working at the madarsa, and allegedly beat her with a bamboo pole before stripping and parading her naked in the village.

Chanda filed lodged an FIR with Banjaria police station on Tuesday.

Alauddin is absconding.


drisyadrisya said...


some the "saviours of oppressed women" are busy making CDs..

Makes it easier to see all the names at one place ..

GS said...

Yes-Indeed makes it easier to identify. In fact, I never knew Geet sethi belonged to the 'secular' club.