Thursday, April 19, 2007

Arabs in Indonesia
More on how dirty Petro-money shatters an entire, highly creative world. This really is a sad tale. Indonesia - particularly that wonderful place called Bali - is an extension of the great, classical Hindu world. This was first observed by Naipaul in Among the Believers - seen through the eyes of that most unforgettable man, Sitor Situmorang. However, it is over for these people. They have only hate to offer now - no matter what the ELM in India says.
A lot of people believe that the Islamist project would succeed even without the money - succeed due to the inherently malicious message of the the book (of which I am no fan). I have come to conclude that it is the money that provides the organising principle. The Arabs have used this un-earned wealth to build up cadres of fanatics whose only message is to tear down the world without having anything better to put in its place. They want everyone to become camel-lovers!!!

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