Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Turkey Turning Towards Islam

Turkey's middle class are becoming more Islamic, and I'm actually thinking this is not a bad thing for us. So far, we've seen the Europeans emerge as the Islamic world's greatest allies, with the Atlanticists leading the defense of everything Islamic. This is due to the fact that their nearest Islamic neighbors and erstwhile adversaries, the Turks, have been subdued. If Turkey were to become more Islamic, India wouldn't really be affected, but there would once again be that pressure on the Gates of Vienna (ie. the borders of Europe). This would help to dislodge the pro-Islamist sentiment amongst the Atlanticists. Even Gandhi once counseled the Indian Congress Party to support the Muslim demand for return of the Caliphate in Turkey -- though obviously he did so to cater to the vote bank. However, I'm thinking that this isn't such a bad idea, in hindsight. After all, why should we give the Euros a free ride? They want to be pro-Islamic, so let them then be overrun by Islam. That'll teach 'em: be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it.


Hindu Fundamentalist said...


I was impressed with this stuff. And he is not afraid to attribute his success to the Hindu work ethics which Nizhal yoddha wrote about in one of his articles.

Charan's weird and wonderful life is an unintended byproduct of dedication, he insists. Dedication to learning and teaching and service, to the whole set of Hindu virtues embodied by one of Charan's favorite phrases, "Purpose before self." "People used to ask me, What is your ambition?" says Charan, who turned 67 this past Christmas. "I say I have none. My dedication is going to take me where I'm going to be."

Chatrapath said...

I have been to Turkey numerous times on business, and I have to state that they are incredibly open-minded and have a very favorable opinion of Indians ("Hindi-stani"). The Turks are very educated, refined, and very inquisitive about other cultures. There is definitely an upsurge of Islamic sentiment because of the overt racism from European Christians. The Turks rightfully resent the fact that they are not seen as "European" despite their religious tolerance, ethnic tolerance, etc. I have been to Germany and Austria and Turks are treated with incredible disdain and hatred. I cannot blame them for resenting Euros.

Turks are so progressive in fact that it is not uncommon to find pork served at restaurants, and beer pubs actually right next door to mosques!

I met many Hindus in Turkey who stated that they were very happy, were free to practice Hinduism, and that the Turkish government protects the rights of Hindus to worship.

I am actually happy that Europeans are not accepting Turks because this plays beautifully into India's hands. I hope that Turkey is NOT admitted into the EU because then India will gain a powerful friend.

Chatrapath said...

In fact, I think that India should be a staunch supporter of Muslim rights in Europe. Here's what I think:

1. I think that 30% of all British Government jobs should be held by Muslims.

2. Since France is 15% Muslim, I don't see why Muslims shouldn't hold 15% of ALL jobs---executive, government, etc.

I have seen how Muslims are treated horriby and with terrible bigotry in Europe, especially Britain. As a show of goodwill, ALL prominent UK jobs should be held by Muslims. This will create religious harmony in the UK.

nizhal yoddha said...

i accidentally deleted this comment, so i am reinstating it:

Santiago has left a new comment on your post "Turkey Turning Towards Islam":

Chartrapath, I want to strongly oppose your suggestion regarding the designation of jobs based on Religion. This practice is called Affirmative action, which I am sure you know. The reason, I am against Affirmative action is because it tends to be very discriminatory.For Example, lets say 30% of British Government jobs are given to Muslims, what if most of the people getting these jobs are not qualified enough? What about other people who have experience and can perform these jobs without any difficulty, but cannot have them (jobs) because they are not Muslims? This will really hurt the organization, we all know efficiency is the number one priority in any workplace. what if we have more qualified Muslims then 30%? Then it is going to be counterintuitive, since only 30% of the jobs should be allocated to Muslims. As a business man, I guess you can understand the dilemma.