Monday, April 09, 2007

Failed States Index 2006
Interesting way to create an index on failed states - the "Land of the Pure" is in the "bottom ten" - the red wall of shame. Its better than Sudan and Chad - but get this - its behind Afghanistan, North Korea, Sierra Leone and Ethiopia!!!!

With Female Islamic Ninjas in Lal Masjid, state sponsored killings in Balochistan and rampant drugs and guns, its not too hard to understand why

Interestingly India does much better than China (take that Marigold Brothers) - though we must do even better


sun-thOSh said...

OMG, India is pretty much surrounded by failed states.

DarkStorm said...



Pakis, Afghanistan, bangladesh, all feature in the red zone.

slim_shady said...

I think that consciously or subconsciously, and indeed negligently, India has allowed these states to fail by (a) allowing these separate states to be created in the first place (recall that many of these states are just reneged Indian limbs), and (b) once created, not strongly encouraging constructive activity and discouraging destructive activity within these states.

A country like the US, for example, would never allow for such rampant denigration among its neighbours, as they would naturally threaten its own security and growth.

Of course, given India's unique history and its position as only a recent modern state, it has a number of its own issues to sort out. Also, the US' neighbours do not exactly centre their enture ideology around blind animosity, but I think that is all the more reason India needs to step up to the challenge of upping its influence on the subcontinent.

Once its household is well on its way to being in order, I think it will have to take a much stronger and more proactive role in intervening to bring similar order to its neighbourhood, as it is naive to believe that states such as those in question are capable, or even willing, to do so independently.