Friday, April 20, 2007

Myth Of Caste Division-Prof Indiresan
An illuminating piece by the Prof on the OBC quota mess. He has made a t least two contributions here which no one has seen before-
1- the linking of falling agricultural incomes with the OBC's trying to move into the service space, and
2- the difficulty of 'converting' 12 years of bad schooling into technical excellence by quotas
This whole caste issue is essentially a collective bargaining chip - its used to maximize a power-groups share of ever-falling bounty provided by the welfare state.

Very simple solutions to all these issues
1- Revoke Article 25 and stop the state take-over of Hindu temples and their associated primary schools. Let everyone and anyone run a school without needing government permission - more players; less government
2- Implement Milton Friedman's school voucher systems to make sundry NGO's, institutions and autonomous bodies compete for state outlay in primary education - not just more players; more players trying to deliver better quality of primary education
3- Co-operatise or corporatise agriculture with heavy state subsidy if needed - economies of scale and decent incomes assures people keep on farming

Sadly - none of the three will be implemented as it means that the politicians cannot partake of the gravy train (or curry train) anymore!!!

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