Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Global Warming may improve monsoon rains

I have used the only positive news from Brahma's analysis in the title - it does make sense. As the oceans warm up, more evaporation occurs thus packing more humidity in the monsoon winds. Same phenomenon plays in bigger Katrina like storms in the Hurricane Region in US.

We absolutely need to invest big time in rain harvesting.

Alas - the Hans have Tibet from where they will practice "Water Terrorism" on India. We also are surrounded by sundry Islamic states that will pour their rabid millions into our land as they get hit by water shortages or floods. More woes to the poor Indian state!!!

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DarkStorm said...


We anyway used to have good rains even without the warming..

In fact, global warming does not mean more monsoon rains,.. it means more cyclones during monsoons.. AFAIK