Monday, April 23, 2007

protesting christist atrocities

apr 23rd, 2007

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From: Kumar


We are trying to make Hindus worldwide aware of the activities of YSR Reddy, the christian CM of AP. I spoke to some people in Tirupati and it's absolutely incredible how brazenly this *** is behaving. The thing that amazes me is that he has to be intelligent enough to realize that he is isolating and pissing off most of his constituents. Who is backing this guy up? I know the madam is definitely backing him, but he must be getting support from other places as well.

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Chatrapath said...

The goal of evangelicals is to convert as many non-whites as possible so that we can fight their wars, clean their toilets, and tend to their gardens. In addition, they want the economic benefit of having one billion former-Hindus tithing their earnings!