Tuesday, April 17, 2007

GM Going Indian

GM is increasingly shifting towards India, which I think is a good sign. After all, manufacturing blue collar jobs will help to redistribute wealth to the unskilled poor masses, while also avoiding asymmetries and disparities that give rise to social backlash.


Ghost Writer said...

@ san
We are unlikely to ever come to agreement on manufacturing, but I must disagree about "manufacturing blue collar jobs".
A car manufacturing (rather parts manufacturing and car assembly) operation is not full of - as you put it Blue Collar Jobs. All of this is "Lights out Manufacturing Plants" - mostly running on robotic assembly. The only jobs here are high-end engineering, which is why its not going to China.
While I am not sure of the environmental impact of this 10-15% car sale growth in India (it's better to research green fuel-driven cars that run cheaper than dirty gasoline). It is better to to trade on the fact that you have a more compelling technology than just manufacturing ability. There is one overall positive to this as well.
Remember GM built most of the machinery used in WW-II. India needs to be able to manufacture its own war trucks, armored vehicles etc. Any technology and capital transfer that can be "taken over and customized" is a good thing. I know this is a lame justification - but there you have it.

habc said...

U.S. market is losing its appeal, Chinese say